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Grief and Loss Counselling

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, We are here for you in this support group! We encourage you to come and check us out. WE CARE ABOUT YOU! and in this group it is more than easy to see that, and feel that, there is always someone available at anytime to talk when you may need it most.

Facebook Support Group:
Holly berries covered in snow, in this picturesque winter scene.APS, Lupus, Blood clots,

On This page we offer much more information on APS and what effects it has on the human body. We offer idea of how to cope, and support with question from people like yourselves! The information is free to share, and we hope it inspires you to fight for a better tomorrow!

A closed group has started, formed by a friend that is in our group, and had a group for many year. She has converted that group to a new format on Facebook, and is excepting new members as well, please feel free to check this group out!
This is another great support group available now on Facebook as well!